Welcome to Blindpodcaster

Welcome to your home for turning Disability into Ability.

This is a community driven site where your comments matter. Have a podcast idea, suggestion for a blog post? Let us know. We want to hear from you. We read every comment that comes through and reply as quickly as we can. If we haven’t replied be patience we’re getting there.

Audio is our expertise however, we do have a blog for those of you who like written content. We’ve made is super easy to get in contact with us. Just click here. Still having trouble, you can also send an email. Blindpodcaster.com is chalk full of  podcasts and other cool things too. Come back tomorrow to see what’s new!

Aaron was featured in the latest Low Vision Bureau show! Listen here. Subscribe to the LVB show here.

Again, welcome to blindpodcaster.com, where we turn Disability into Ability, we hope you enjoy the site!

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