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Hello and welcome to blindpodcaster.com, My little side road of the internet. This is not another blindness related site where all we talk about is events affecting people with vision loss. I write about my thoughts and my passion, audio production, recording, and music. As for the audio portion, there are podcasts ranging from android to setting up for your own studio. If you’re interested in what others like Mike Malarsie of HTB2 are doing you can find their website on the resources page. I’ve also gathered a list of mainstream technology related podcasts that I listen to on a daily basis, as well as some of the websites I visit to catch up and keep up on technology news as it relates to the mainstream market. I hope you enjoy my portion of the internet and find something that can help you. Please feel free to write me and bring ideas, suggestions, comments, and concerns to my attention so I can help and make this site a place where you’ll visit on a daily basis. One last thing check out the indescribable studio. A home studio where I produce music that is legendary in it’s own right. I am expanding this project into different genres of music with some unique instruments. That being said any musician who wants their music professionally mixed, edited, or mastered contact me. Hope you enjoy my site and remember, turn your disability into an ability.  If you need podcast editing or mixing and mastering done for your music please check out my fiverr.com account here  https://www.fiverr.com/aaronlinson


God Bless

Aaron Linson

CEO of blindpodcaster.com

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  1. Jen Ferris says:

    Hello Aaron:
    I am trying to listen to your podcasts related to choosing microphones, editing software, recording skype interviews, ETC. I am having problems listening to your podcasts on podcasting. The web player isn’t working for me and I cannot find the blind podcaster on ITunes as a means to listen to these audio related podcasts.

    Can you help? I am using a PC running Windows 7 and JAWS 16.


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