Welcome to Blindpodcaster

Welcome to blindpodcaster.com Feel free to browse and click. The little droids get really happy when you click, share, comment, and donate. Keep them happy, please. It will make my life a little easier. The website is full of fun stuff to look at. Check out the  blog. Writings from the CEO on daily live, tech, and blindness. The Podcasts has a bunch of demos of android apps, roundtable discussions, and more to come. Our resources page is full of android news and websites. CPN the (Cast Podcast Network) is full of podcasts both mainstream and blindness related as well. Indescribable Studios is a place to showcase music. Check out the studio!

As you can see there’s a lot of content. There’s so much that I can’t even explain it all. We’re always growing and expanding. Come back often and see what’s up with us. Feel free to comment, subscribe to the podcast, subscribe via email so you get everything automatically. Help keep the site alive with a small donation to keep the site and content alive and well. Check out the about me page as well.

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