Welcome to Blindpodcaster

Welcome to a new world where listening is your best friend. Where the world is not seen but heard. Tons of content from podcasts about technology, blindness, and much more come to life. Because seeing shouldn’t require sight. Being Confident in Your Ability, Not Your Disability, is the slogan here at blindpodcaster.com. We’ve created (and will continue to create) some amazing products and services to help you live a stress free life.

Let’s face it, technology can sometimes be a hassle, right? So, that’s why we’ve created blindpodcaster tutorials. These tutorials will walk you through technology such as the Kindle Fire HDX, and much more. With high quality audio, direct support if you need any help, and free updates to files that may be added, the price could be very high, right? We could’ve gone that way yes, but why charge a large amount of money? We’re not an AT (Assistive Technology) vendor. Our prices won’t hurt your wallet.

We also offer the awesome people who develop apps for the great platforms like iOS and Android a little something too. What if you could hand your app to a person for testing and not have to worry about a thing? Well, now you can! With the app testing service from blindpodcaster.com. You’ll be awaiting very detailed feedback in no time. All you need to do is contact us.

Blindpodcaster.com is chalk full of audio from a studio to podcasts, even a blog and updates page. We never rest here at blindpodcaster.com. Come back tomorrow to see what’s new!

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